Our name is inspired

It all began when Mark Roth, PhD, was inspired to experiment with gases and their effects on the hibernation of animals and the power of hydrogen sulfide (H2S) in the deanimation process.


Through extensive research, Roth realized the utllity of hydrogen sulfide as beneficial and the metaphysics of the duality of oxygen and sulfur, which led to further research and the discovery of H2S as possibly beneficial in critical oxygen-deprivation situations.


Mark Roth’s fascination with H2S was not unfounded. Thousands of years ago on the Greek isle of Ikaria, Herodotus observed the curative powers of the island’s sulfur springs. These observations were passed down to his disciples including the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates.


Because of the parallels between the healing gases in the Ikarian sulfur springs and the discoveries of Mark Roth, we were inspired to name our company Ikaria.


Our research led us to discover that some of the same compounds in the Ikarian springs are generated by our own cells to regulate fundamental metabolic functions in health and disease. At Ikaria, we are leveraging recent discoveries in this area to develop products by harnessing the therapeutic power of nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide, along with other innovations.